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Introduction Talashgaran Eghtesad Paydar Co.

Talashgaran Eghtesad Paydar co. (TEP) is a dynamic and pioneering group including of 105 active companies 40 main companies and 65 affiliated companies) in various fields such as:

  1. As contractor in heavy civil and industrial project such as: dam, road and bands, tunnels, subway stations, Upstream and downstream industries, oil, gas and petrochemical plants, power plants, irrigation and drainage.
  2. Industry and mining include steel plant, automobiles, silos, oil, cement, reservoirs and etc.
  3.  Environment and renewable energies
  4.  Trading of various products, equipment, import and export agriculture production, livestock and fishery, various kinds of poisons, seeds and etc.
  5.  Engineering Consulting in the Areas of Urban Architecture, Coastal and Ports, Geotechnics, Agriculture, Water Resources, Ground excavation.
  6. Financing and investment by using different methods such as project finance, refinance, budget funds, dedicated resources, stock markets, bank facilities and other financial resources for BOT, BLT, BOO, EPCF, EPC+F and etc. methods in order to execute projects.
  7. Information and communication technology, such as information and communication infrastructure, security, integrated management, welfare systems, ERP, electronic wallets, etc.
  8.  New businesses development in the context of new technologies
  9. Tourism industry

TEP group, based on 35 years of successful experience in the implementation and completion of national and International projects by subsidiaries and with the backing of 15500 specialist and more than 5000 Heavy and semi heavy machinery and workshop equipment; is currently active as a powerful, dynamic and leading holding for implementing of projects and mega projects at the national and international levels.

Talashgaran Eghtesad Paydar co. (TEP) based on the experiences of its managers and staff and above- mentioned capabilities is ready to manage, coordinate and co-operate with the group of companies in the field of ​​construction and development.

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